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Free Bryx Mobile Alerting Application


Bryx Mobile is a fast, easy-to-use mobile alerting app for first responders. It's free and allows team members to manage their own notifications, with the ability for you to override and alert when necessary. Customizable alerts let members configure notifications by Agency, Unit, and Job Type, with alert overrides for priority jobs, even when off-duty.


View rich information when available from CAD.

      • Job Categories - Fire, EMS, Police, Water, and Info.
      • Job Information - Synopsis, Location, Box Number, Priority, Cross Streets, Assignment, Incident ID, Close Reports, and Supplemental Data.
      • Complaint Information - Name, Address, and Phone Number.
      • Type Information - Identifier, Section, Category, and Description.
      • Historical Jobs - Description, Call Type, Date, and Time.

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With robust features and unrivaled reliability, Bryx 911 connects and informs your team, getting you to the scene with all the information you need right on your mobile device.

Hydrant Information

View hydrants around the job, color-coded for flow rate and condition.

Routing and Navigation

View the exact job location within your district and a highlighted route from your location to the scene. 

Team Messaging

Enhance team communication through real-time messaging and live responder location updates.

Site Survey Data

Attach site survey data to include entry access and hazmat information.

Supplemental Updates

Information added after the initial dispatch displays next to the job details. 

Critical Warning Banners

Receive Critical Warning banners for COVID-19 and future emergencies.

CAD / Data Protocols

Flexible input data protocols and formats. Standard integrations do not require custom CAD extensions.

2-Way CAD Communication

Automatically send updates to the CAD when responding to a job, and mark members as “offline” in CAD when off duty in Bryx 911.

AVL Tracking

Track your apparatus in real time and view locations on a map. Supported clients include Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, and others.

Flexible Dispatch

Enable dispatching by agency or unit and view supplemental updates in real time—all without creating any extra work for dispatchers.

Radio Streaming

Configure internet dispatch radio streams and play them directly from Bryx 911. Some hardware required.

24/7 Support

Bryx 911’s first-in-class engineering is backed by dedicated, round-the-clock support from the same engineers who built the system.

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Bryx Station Alerting System


Integrated with the Bryx 911 mobile app, the Bryx Fire Station Alerting System provides immediate alerts, full station automation, and improves response times. Features and affordability should coexist. Your department doesn’t have to sacrifice functionality for affordability. Both of our pricing models provide a full-featured system at an affordable price to fit your budgetary needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) - Spread the total cost over time through an annual subscription. Read about how one department used SaaS to remain 100% within their operating budget and was able to be 100% self-installed by staff.

Traditional Model - Purchase the system upfront and maximize the ROI for your capital budget. Read about how one department had their system 100% covered by grant funds and was able to be 100% self-installed by staff.



A System That Grows With You
We understand that emergency response is an ever-changing environment. We view our customers as partners that we can grow with as your unique needs change and expand. This is why our Bryx Labs team is focus on creating systems to improve first responder situational awareness at all response levels (municipalities, state, federal, and beyond).



With heart-friendly features that safely alert the appropriate crew members and station automation that saves crucial time, we’re proud to offer a system that benefits you and your team, and the community at large.

Color-Changing Lights

Our color-changing lights wirelessly connect to the SCU with a configurable set of colors for assignments and job types. The lights can be subdued at night to reduce optical strain.

Text-To-Speech Readouts

Bryx Station utilizes Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) technologies to read job information aloud over the PA system, delivering lifelike speech quality. Local pronunciation changes are available. 

Heart-Smart Ramping Tones

Bryx Station connects to the existing PA system and starts alarms at a minimum volume, then gradually gets louder over a few seconds—gently waking and alerting responders. Ramping times are configurable.

Full Station Automation

Bryx Station can perform tasks that responders have little time to complete—such as turning off stoves, opening/closing bay doors, securing the building, and more.

Zoned Alerting

Set up your station so that different rooms are alerted for different jobs. Tones and lights can be configured for bunk rooms, ensuring a healthier wakeup for crew members in those areas. 

Automatic Switch Screen

Bryx can turn any existing CEC-compliant HDMI TV in your station into a Bryx Station Board display. When a call comes in, all content on the screen will automatically switch to the display—informing your crew of the job details no matter where they are in the station.

Off-The-Shelf Products

We use commercial off-the-shelf products to keep costs down and empower you to add to the system at your convenience.

Expandable GPIO Units

Our system utilizes configurable GPIO units with 8 inputs and 8 outputs, expandable to up to 255 GPIO units with 8 IOs each.

Customizable Functions

Changes to the functions of a SCU or GPIO unit can be configured with software changes only, not requiring any hardware changes.