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As a trusted leader in reducing emergency response times, our data-driven team develops innovative technology that helps firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders work faster, smoother, and smarter. Our world-class engineering team has a combined 50+ years of experience working for some of the largest technology and radio companies in the world.

Some of this experience includes work on classified projects and communications devices that provide TOP SECRET/SCI security for the battlefield. Combining our deep technical expertise with our patented and data-driven technology, we're committed to delivering the most innovative and affordable solutions.



Our Unique 'Late Night' Start


In 2014, our small but mighty team launched our first public safety product, the Bryx Mobile application. Detroit Fire Department was one of our first customers who relied heavily on the app. At the time, Detroit was facing bankruptcy and preparing for the infamous Devil's Night—a night of widespread arson throughout Detroit. We contacted the city in response to a viral video on The Colbert Report showing Detroit firefighters being "alerted" by faxed documents tipping over soda cans. We provided the Bryx Mobile app for free. After experiencing the speed and reliability of Bryx Mobile, the department quickly became the first of many customers of our second public safety product, the Bryx Station Alerting system.

What started as a small team of engineers from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Bryx has grown into a next-century technology company empowering first responders, reducing response times, and improving emergency outcomes across the globe. 

Let us help keep your community safe.


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