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Bryx Station Board


An affordable software solution designed for departments that aren't seeking a full-featured station alerting system. Providing a real-time view of your department's operations, Bryx Station Board gives first responders increased visibility and faster turnout times with rich information available at a glance.


Standard Features:

  • View real-time information including dispatch time, location, type, and synopsis information
  • View pinpointed job location with nearby hydrants, a route to the scene, and street view
  • Track member responses, times, and distances from the scene
  • View live updates from dispatchers as they become available
  • Link a Bryx Mobile messaging group to the board to view live messaging updates
  • Use the Bryx Management site to remotely configure the board from any location 

Increased Visibility
Provide your station with a live, birds-eye view of the coverage area.

Faster Responses
Turn out faster with job and responder information available at a glance.

Easy Setup
Bryx Station Board can run from a browser window on any number of computers at any number of locations.

Tech Support
The engineers who built the platform are the same engineers that provide 24/7 support for our users.

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We understand that emergency response is an ever-changing environment. We view our customers as partners that we can grow with as your unique needs change and expand.