Hear what first responders are saying about our platform.

“The entire system is state of the art with advanced technology, putting the well-being of not only our customers and community but our firefighters as the top priority.”

Chief Ramon Rivera
Presidio of Monterey Fire Department

“Bryx has helped us cut our response times in half. We get the call notifications before being dispatched.”

Aaron Disanto
Lyons Fire Department

“I appreciate the ease of installation and the customer’s ability to add to the system with over-the-counter products. The expansion of the system is entirely up to the USER at non-proprietary prices!”

Cory Kazimour 
Lake Forest Fire Department

“Bryx has fundamentally changed the way we respond to emergencies in the City of Detroit. It has made us more efficient and helped us tremendously in giving our citizens the best FD services we can provide.”

David Nowacki
Detroit City Fire Department

“The volume starts low and works its way up to decrease the shock to your system. The lights set the tone for the response.”

Michael Wood
West Bloomfield Fire Department

“I like the instant notifications, indicator lights, and the clear, concise information that is broadcast throughout the fire station.”

Chief Gordon Nord
Lyons Fire Department

“Great alerting system. I love how the lights come on in different colors depending on the call (EMS, fire, other). The app is very easy to use and helps with knowing where other trucks in the city are. Absolutely zero complaints!

Greg Oliverio
Royal Oak Fire Department

“Any questions I have asked have been answered within a day. Even over weekends. I had a problem once on a Friday night of a holiday weekend, and in an hour I had a response and the problem was fixed.”

Gary Dean
Bergen Fire Department

“The heart-smart alerting combined with the lights is the best! The days of being “scared” alerted are over.”

Rob Sabin
Ridge Culver Fire Department

“The color-coded lights and moderate tones make waking up in the middle of the night less shocking and stressful.”

Andrew Capo
Detroit City Fire Department

“It’s really useful to get updates, key codes, and more in real time without having to contact dispatch separately to obtain this information.

Rebecca Searchfield
Perinton Volunteer Ambulance

“I’ve never seen a system that alerts as fast as Bryx. It’s extremely easy to set up and use. I couldn’t be happier!

Aron Zbick
West Walworth Volunteer Fire Department

“The phone app has been very useful. Having mapping, dispatch notes, and times immediately available has prevented delays and confusion, and reduced radio traffic.”

Blake Belsky
West Bloomfield Fire Department

“The history of calls to the same address has proven to be invaluable on multiple occasions. The navigation feature finds the best route to the location.”

Justin Vacca
Perinton Volunteer Ambulance

“Lights, text-to-speech announcements of calls, alert sounds—all of this is helpful and keeps us aware of what’s coming before we are know all the details.”

Adam Rossi
Gates Fire Department