Our goal is to streamline flawless communication between first responders and emergency locations.

Bryx strives to get every call to the mobile alerting platform out in less than 1 second.
Geographical Coordination Accuracy
Bryx has developed a proprietary geocoder that uses many different data sources to provide the best possible results when geocoding, even when many commercially available geocoders cannot map a location.
Bryx believes that the men and women using our product deserve world class support, and we give it to them 24/7.

The Bryx solution has provided our agency with the advanced intelligence and analytics needed in today's ever changing response environment. The Bryx team provides unparalleled customer support for their products, often responding in minutes with resolution.

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Free Mobile Alerting

The Bryx 911 mobile alerting product is free because Bryx feels the need to give back to the first responders that serve communities around the world. There are features that will come to Bryx 911 in the future that will not be free, but will be extremely cost effective. These are primarily features that will be targeted to larger, career departments.
Bryx Station

Our sole mission at Bryx is to improve emergency outcomes by simplifying communications and delivering relevant, real-time information. We offer an integrated and expanding suite of products, that provide safe, fast, reliable, innovative, and data-driven solutions for the public safety sector.

Bryx strives to provide as much useful information to a first responder as quickly as possible.

Ensure Responder Safety
Improve Response Time
Save As Many Lives As Possible
An example here would probably help. Supposed there is a known structure fire at a single family dwelling. The run-card for this type of incident requires 10 apparatus. At 4 seconds per unit, it will take 40 seconds before the dispatcher can announce the location and type of incident. Bryx can get this alert out in 4 seconds or less. Why does 40 seconds matter? In a room that has modern furniture, a room can flash over in less than 4 minutes.

You don’t want to spend 17% of this valuable time figuring out where to go.

Bryx can indicate that there are I-joists and allow firefighters to assess the best approach.

Increase Risk Assessment
Faster Decision Making
Thorough Site Survey Information
Now, let’s presume that the building in question was recently renovated, and that the contractor received all appropriate permits and inspections. The inspector noted that the floor joists were engineered I-joists and this information was then provide by the municipality to Bryx. This allows Bryx to provide knowledge of a building structured with I-joists and enable firefighters to determine if an interior attack is warranted.

Heart Smart Audible and Visual Alerts.

Reduce Stress
Easy to Understand Information
Faster Arrival
 There is research that shows that sudden noises can raise an individual’s heart rate at an unsafe level, but it is believed that a rapid change in lighting can also contribute. That is why Bryx provide heart smart visual and audible alerts. In addition, the information provided on the TV screen to ensure that every first responder has the same information in an easy to understand and parse format. The driver heard that the job was one place, but in fact, he misinterpreted the cross streets for the location. A large map that is easily visible and provides can reduce response time by many seconds.


Bryx is a public safety technology company, developing reliable products that make you and your department quicker. We are dedicated in building a partnership with our users and provide 24/7 support.

We've made your mission, our mission.


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