Saving more lives.

Everyone on your team will receive the same information at the same time. Using the same situational awareness, you can work simultaneously to produce the best outcome.

Station Alerting

Connect your station to get immediate alerts and improve your response times.
Bryx Station Alerting and Bryx 911
Turn out TimeRs
Timer displayed on the job board
Changing color lights
Consistent set of colors for assignments and job types
heart smart tone
Alarm starts at a minimum volume and  increases to full volume within a few seconds
Correct dispatcher abbreviations, misspellings, and common shorthand
routing direction
Pin over exact job position within your district as well as a highlighted route from your station to site of the call.
full station automation
Fully automate fire stations to control all of the things that Responders have little time to
View supplementals as well as run-times alongside the job's details
supplemental information
Quickly view job information for prior calls to the same address
Bryx Station Alerting and Bryx 911

Bryx 911

Intelligent, mobile dispatch for first responders. Receive instant emergency notifications and information about the scene before you arrive.


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