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How we started

As with any good ideas, the “founding idea” that grew to become Bryx, Inc. came during a girls’ field hockey game. One fall afternoon in Rochester, New York, two fathers were making conversation during their daughters’ varsity field hockey game.

One of those field hockey fathers was David Thomas, now Founder and CEO of Bryx. At the time, Dave was Vice President and Managing Director for internal capital investments at a Fortune 100 technology company. As part of his duties, Dave traveled abroad 20-30 weeks per year with a focus on Central and South America. Dave had a keen interest in starting his own tech company, and he also wanted to clear his travel docket so that he could attend more field hockey games (and track meets, hockey games, etc.).

The other half of that field hockey conversation was the Director of the Brighton (New York) Fire Department, who was wrestling with a dilemma. Brighton had recently issued a Request for Proposals seeking help in selecting a site for construction of a new fire house. The Brighton Fire Department needed to collect and collate massive amounts of data in order to communicate to stakeholders exactly where the new station should go and why. The sole bidder for that project wanted more than $50,000 to do the study.

David Thomas saw an opportunity, and the company that would become Bryx, Inc. had its first project.

With his background in the tech sector, Dave had previously approached the department head of the Computer Science program at Rochester Institute of Technology to scout talent as well as brainstorm ideas for starting a company in his hometown of Rochester.

Dave and the team of software engineers from RIT were able to take 10 years of data for Brighton 911 calls, and they turned the data into easily understood heat maps that could be adjusted for time of day, season of the year, etc. Through this project, the Brighton Fire Department was able to rely upon actual relevant data to make their final decision and communicate to key stakeholders the location for the new station.

The Team

The team that formed the as-yet-unnamed company quickly came to the belief that this data-driven approach to emergency services was an area of great need and great opportunity, and they believed they could make a real difference in this marketplace. The data analysis that Bryx did for Brighton eventually led them to a focus on mobile alerting systems for first responders, and the team believed they could do mobile alerting better, smarter, and cheaper than their competition, and that was the direction that Bryx, Inc. quickly adopted. From its humble roots in field hockey, Bryx now holds several patents for intellectual property and is a rapidly growing technology company in Rochester, NY, dedicated to delivering innovative and affordable technology solutions for public safety and emergency services.
David E. Thomas
Travis Brown
Cheif Architect
Bill Zeh
Principal Engineer
David Walbaum
Head of Sales
Brian Bush
Sales Representative
Nick Manoogian
Software Engineer
Robert Bond III
Software Engineer
Chase Berry
Software Engineer
Chelsea Cullen
Graphic Designer

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