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Let's make your department faster.

Our sole mission at Bryx is to improve emergency outcomes by simplifying communications and delivering relevant, real-time information. We offer products that provide safe, fast, reliable, innovative, and data-driven solutions for the public safety sector.

Bryx is unique in the marketplace, with our robust yet affordable Bryx Station Alerting System combined with our totally free Bryx 911 mobile app. Together, these two products offer an unrivaled alerting, messaging, and communications tool for first responders. Above all, our clients are our biggest proponents. We deliver exceptional products backed by exceptional customer service. We are passionate about what we do and confident in how we measure up against our competition.
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Bryx, Inc.

We collect data and build greatness. Our goal is to give to you real-time information so that you can make faster responses and faster choices. Together, we can save more.


Bryx is a public safety technology company, developing reliable products that make you and your department quicker. We are dedicated in building a partnership with our users and provide 24/7 support.

We've made your mission, our mission.


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